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Ready to Buy or Sell Real Estate

The National Association of REALTORS® consumer website, HouseLogic, offers tips for entering the real estate market for both Buyers and Sellers. The website features articles with tips for finding a home, understanding how much mortgage you can afford, staging your home for sale and finding a REALTOR®.
Buyers - find the resources to be prepared for your home purchase
Sellers - find the resources to get the most out of your investment
Visit the Buyer and Seller Section of the HouseLogic site to get the tools you need and find a local Vail Valley REALTOR® here.

Owning a Home is Still the American Dream

The American dream of home ownership is alive and well even after the battering prices and budgets took during the housing crisis, according to a survey by Chase. A total of 87% of respondents said owning their home is something they have always wanted.
"Owning a home is at the heart of most Americans' dreams," said Chase Mortgage Banking CEO Kevin Watters. "And people are saving as much as possible to achieve home ownership."

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